Ways to Put Your Faith into Practice as a Couple

Being a Christian couple involves far more than being the pair that wears gold crosses around their necks! It entails continually growing in your walk with God, not only as individuals, but also as a joint effort.

While growing closer to your Creator is the most worthy of goals in and of itself, when you pursue this goal as a couple, you reap the added benefit of strengthening the bond you share. The closer you become to God, the closer you’ll be drawn to each other. To follow are four practical ways to do just that.

Two Hearts Cross Pendant, 14K Rose and Yellow GoldVolunteer. One of the greatest benefits of giving of your time and talent together is the opportunity to put your faith into action. Volunteering is also a great way to get to know someone as it allows you to see how they interact with others and, often, how they handle less-than-ideal situations. Try finding a volunteer opportunity that fits one of your shared passions. For example, if you’re concerned about hunger, try giving your time at a food pantry; if you love kids, try helping at an after-school program.

Pray together. Talking to God together is foundational to a strong relationship between two Christians, and it’s especially vital for Christian couples. If you’re not used to praying with your significant other, try setting aside a regular time to take just a few minutes to pray for each other and for those you care about. It may seem awkward at first, but the rewards of being a couple that prays together far outweigh any initial unease you may feel.

Learn as a couple. There’s always more to learn about the Bible and about how to live in ways that honor God, and learning together can be beneficial not only to your mind and spirit, but also to your relationship. When you take a class together, you’ll likely talk about what you’re learning with your significant other in between sessions; when you start having conversations about your faith, you not only solidify your beliefs, you also have opportunity to learn more about one another and to grow closer as a result. Try attending a Sunday school class or Bible study together, or work through a couple’s Bible study book.

Song of Solomon Cross Wedding Band - White GoldWork it into your wedding. If you’re planning on getting hitched, consider how you can honor God through your wedding ceremony. For instance, consider choosing music that gives Him praise for bringing you together, or selecting favorite passages of Scripture to be read or to include in your programs.

For expressions of faith that will serve as lasting symbols of your dependence upon the Lord as a couple, try selecting Christian rings to serve as your wedding bands. Band accented with crosses, or those engraved with a verse of Scripture, are continual reminders that God brought you together and that He provides the strength to love one another as He loves you.

From serving soup to those in need to choosing Christian jewelry when selecting your wedding bands, there are plenty of practical ways to put your faith into practice as a couple. Try one to grow closer to God and to each other.

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