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Unique Gemstones for One-of-a-Kind Engagement Rings

A diamond may be the traditional gemstone choice for engagement rings, but it’s far from the only way to go. From the exclusive beauty of tanzanite to the deep allure of garnet rings, a rainbow of gemstone options exist for those looking for pieces that are one-of-a-kind and that convey a specific message about the love that you share.2.50 Carat Cushion Cut Pink Topaz and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold

Pink Topaz

If your love is bold, a gemstone engagement ring with a pop of bright color can help you express that when it comes to how you feel, you’re far from shy. Pink topaz rings are an unmistakably unflinching choice as they dazzle with a lively yet ladylike hue. Despite its can’t-miss-it attitude, this stone works well in a range of styles from classic to vintage. And, as a semiprecious gem, pink topaz is relatively affordable, allowing you to invest in a sizeable stone if you’d really like to make a statement.


If you’re seeking a ring that conveys a sense of exclusivity and exotic beauty, an engagement style that features tanzanite could be the perfect choice. Since this gemstone is found in just one tiny five-square-mile area, it’s ideal for expressing that your love is reserved only for that one special someone. The color of tanzanite is unlike that of any other stone: it sparkles with a soft yet vibrant cornflower-like blue that draws eyes in and doesn’t let go. Its unique look allows it to give a fresh spin to time-honored designs and a striking touch to simple styles.

Green Amethyst

Usually, amethyst is thought of as a regal choice for rings of all kinds due to a fit-for-royalty violet hue. But, did you know that this gemstone also has a mesmerizing green variety? Green amethyst rings are a refreshing choice, perfect for expressing a love that gives you a new start. Their cool light green glimmer is as soothing as gentle ocean waves, and as alive as the first signs of spring.

Smokey Topaz

At the subdued end of spectrum are smokey topaz engagement rings that gently beckon rather than shout. The name of this stone gives a hint about its appearance: it’s a soft brown with a touch of gray that brings to mind the swirling smoke rising from a campfire on a crisp fall evening. The beauty of smokey topaz lies in its understated nature, which bestows this gem with incredible versatility and allows it to communicate a love that’s always complementary.

Antique-Style Floral Garnet Ring in 14K White GoldGarnet

Garnet engagement rings display the traditional color of love with depth and sparkle. Whether in modern heart-shaped cuts that capitalize on its ability to communicate affection or in Victorian-inspired styles, the rich crimson of this gemstone is timelessly beautiful, making it an ideal choice for fans of eye-catching, perpetually elegant style.

If you’re shopping for an engagement ring to represent a unique love, why limit yourself to the ordinary? Choosing a gemstone that’s slightly unexpected can allow you to make a statement about your relationship—not to mention a statement of your good taste.

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