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Top 5 ways to romance your blog

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the stuff that works best to build a successful relationship works wonders at building a successful blog, too.  Remember, the basics of blogging are all about having patience, using good communication skills, and really connecting with the people you want to reach . . . and the same goes for the basics of romance!

So, can you really use the romantic lessons you’ve learned in the course of your marriage or relationship to build a better blog, get more backlinks, and increase your readership?  Sure you can!  But in case you haven’t met that perfect person yet and don’t have the first clue how to “romance” your way to success, we’re going to give you a quick list of tips on how to shower your blog with a little love . . . and get some extra attention from the blogosphere at the same time!

Top Five Ways to Romance Your Blog

1. Learn to love yourself first

You can’t truly love someone else unless you appreciate yourself first, and that’s especially important when trying to romance your blog and attract new readers and backlinks.  Learning to love yourself means understanding your strengths and capitalizing on them, and you’ll need to do just that to create fresh content for your blog that makes readers come back for more.

2. Don’t let yourself feel inadequate

Self-confidence is one of the most attractive things possible in a relationship . . . and on a blog.  Just don’t let your self-confidence develop into arrogance when you’re romancing your blog, or your readers may jump ship for a more modest alternative.

3. Be faithful to your blog

So, how the heck do you stay faithful to a blog?  Simple: by paying it the attention it needs.  Sporadic posting, staying away from your blog for days on end, visiting other blogs more often than your own, neglecting to tend to your blogging obligations . . . all lead to less readers and fewer backlinks.

4. Work on your communication

Come on, is this one really a surprise?  Almost every obligation you undertake in life can benefit from better communication, romantic relationships and blogging included.  If you don’t communicate well, your romantic partner—and your blog readers—aren’t likely to stick around for long.  And the best way to learn to communicate better on your blog is by studying the success of others.

5. Don’t try to become someone you aren’t

Pretending you’re someone else might bring you romantic success in the short run, but the person you fool is bound to find out about the real you eventually.  The same can be said for blogging.  The most successful bloggers build an audience of loyal readers who appreciate their unique personality and writing style.  If you need to fool people into loving you, your success isn’t going to last long.

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