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Three Jewelry Trends that Make Remarkably Romantic Gifts

Looking for a romantic gift for the special lady in your life? You’re in luck! Three of the top current jewelry trends make lovely, heartfelt gifts that will leave no question about how you feel. Vintage styles, pink topaz jewelry and pieces that feature hearts are all big right now, and each of these fads allows you to communicate your affection in a big way.

Two Heart Wedding Band in 14K Two Tone GoldHowever, these trends aren’t just passing whims that will go the way of the pet rock and the Pony Express. While each of these types of jewelry is particularly popular right now, none of them ever go out of style, giving each one the potential to become a beautiful, lasting symbol of your love. Try one of these trends to say “I love you” in a way that will speak of your fashion sense as well as your affection.

1. Vintage Styles

Jewelry that’s inspired by the Victorian Era and the Art Deco Period is back, and it’s winning a lot of fans for its feminine charm and timeless appeal. Styles from the past are being given a fresh update with a rainbow of gemstones, from classics like ruby and amethyst to newer favorites like tanzanite and pink topaz (a trend in itself). Vintage Rings are not only on-trend and beautiful; they’re also fitting symbols of a love that can withstand the test of time. These designs have already proven their ability to endure as the decades pass, and by giving one of them to your special someone you let her know that your love for her will last.

2. Heart Jewelry

Hearts have long been a symbol of love, but lately they’ve been showing up in styles ranging from delicate engraved rings to dazzling, diamond-encrusted pendants to a wide variety of heart wedding bands. They’re even popping up in a wide range of engagement rings, providing meaningful twists on classic styles. Whether you’re looking for that once-in-a-lifetime piece to pull out when you pop the question or a pedant to reveal your love, it’s hard to go wrong with hearts, and right now, you have a lot of gorgeous options to choose from.

3. Pink Topaz

Emerald Cut Pink Topaz and Diamond Ring 14K White GoldPink topaz is feminine with being too frilly, and it possesses the perfect combination of sweet, sparkling charm and bold, unashamed vibrancy. Although pink is commonly associated with little girls and fairytale princesses, pink topaz provides a grown-up, sophisticated version of this shade that’s perfect for communicating a message of love in a way that’s next to impossible to ignore. Pink topaz adds a colorful zing to a wide range of styles, from classic solitaires and three-stone rings to intricately engraved Victorian designs, and any of these pieces is able to say “I love you” with unabashed color and glimmer.

Whether you choose a vintage style, a pink topaz ring or a piece of heart jewelry, your message of love will be gorgeously clear. Try a piece that incorporates one (or two or three) of these trends for a gift that’s remarkably romantic, on trend and timelessly beautiful.

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