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The perfect unique wording for your cheap romantic wedding invitations

While I don’t think you should put a lot of importance on your wedding invitations, and that other aspects are far more vital to a successful wedding, there are plenty of brides and grooms who think that writing perfect unique wording on their invitations will help set the stage for success.  The good news is that if you’re interested in buying cheap wedding invitations and inserting your own unique wording, it’s really not that hard to do.

There’s nothing wrong with spending some serious money on wedding invitations if you have the funds to do it, and plenty of people fork over hundreds of dollars on expensive, elaborate invitations.  That’s fine, but for most of us, who just don’t have huge wedding budgets, it’s smarter to buy cheaper wedding invitations and think up the wording that will be inside ourselves.

Of course, I don’t mean you should write the wording inside your blank wedding invitations with a ballpoint pen! Instead, once you’ve decided what to write in them, go to a cheaper, local printer to print the wording for you.  This will often save you hundreds of dollars on your wedding invitations and let you devote more resources to other aspects of your special marriage day.

As to the words that you put in the wedding invitations, it really has a lot to do with your own personal tastes and the tastes of your friends and family.  There is nothing wrong with making your invitations a bit unique and fun, but sticking with traditional and brief words is probably a safer bet.  Make your wedding invitations tasteful, don’t include too much information, and don’t forget to include an RSVP to get an idea of how many people to expect at the ceremony itself and the wedding reception afterwards.

In summary, there’s no shame in using some bargain shopping when it comes to finding your wedding invitations and going to a local printer with a pre-written wording.  The money you save can be shuffled to other areas of your wedding, and the guests will be grateful that you were economical in your wedding shopping!

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