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The groom’s guide to finding the perfect men’s wedding bands

Okay grooms, let’s talk about the man’s side of the big wedding day and focus on finding an affordable wedding ring (or wedding band, as it’s called for guys).  Generally the bride is much more concerned with her wedding ring than the groom is about his wedding band, but it’s still a good idea to devote some attention to it so you can find something that is both cheap and that you like.  After all, you’ll be wearing your wedding band for the rest of your life hopefully!

The good news is of course that most grooms really aren’t concerned with purchasing elaborate, expensive wedding bands.  Instead, most men prefer simple gold, silver or sterling wedding rings with no elaborate stuff on it.  Men consider these types of rings to be less showy and more manly, and I am certainly in that camp.  Although there are wedding bands for grooms that include diamonds and other fancy decorations, not many men opt for this type of jewelry.

Here’s a big tip when it comes to choosing a wedding band: many times, the ring that you find and one jewelry store is for sale at much lower prices at another store in same mall or shopping center.  Definitely don’t buy the first men’s wedding band that you find, because I guarantee you can find that same ring much cheaper elsewhere.  Plan on spending at least a few days researching local stores and even online options for purchasing your wedding band.

There is another option that some men don’t mind and that has no shame at all, and that is to go to a local pawn shop or look at local ads in the paper for used or secondhand wedding bands. Most grooms would rather buy a brand new wedding ring, but keep in mind that you can save hundreds of dollars on your wedding band if you buy it secondhand.  No one but you will know that someone else wore your wedding band, and it will look just as good on a groom’s finger!

So grooms, remember the rules for finding the perfect men’s wedding bands: don’t buy the first one you see, be careful with your money, and keep an open mind when it comes to buy a wedding ring second hand.  And if you do want to spend lots of money on a brand new elaborate ring, that’s your prerogative!

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