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The greatest love and romance icons

Throughout human history, there have been many examples of love icons who have had exceptional pure romances that have inspired romantic couples for many years.  Love icons are couples whose amazing romances shaped the concept of love and whose relationships often survived horrible challenges and hardships.  Indeed, many love icons—such as fictional icons Romeo and Juliet—never survived their romance at all!

So, who are your favorite love icons?  Sometimes it’s helpful to look to the best love icons to find inspiration for your own romantic relationship.  While many of our romances may never make it into the love books, we can still find ideas and encouragement from learning about love icons from the past and how they romanced each other.  Whether your love icons are Romeo and Juliet or perhaps a more contemporary example, there is nothing wrong with finding inspiration for love from other sources.

But before you think that you need to look to famous love icons in order to add something special to your romantic relationship, don’t underestimate your own ingenuity when it comes to improving things in your own life.  The imaginative and dedicated lover doesn’t really need help from love icons to improve your relationship, and there is plenty of inspiration in your own everyday life to add something special into the mix.

When you really think about it, the greatest love icons in your life should really be you and your lover! It may seem silly to suggest that your romance is the greatest in the world, but there is no other relationship that you can understand and dissect in greater detail than your own.  No matter how much you research and learn about your favorite love icons, you’ll never understand them as deeply and fully as you can understand the dynamics of your own romantic relationship.

So remember that there is nothing wrong with looking to famous love icons from other romantic times for inspiration in your love life, but always be careful not to put too much stock into other people’s relationships.  Instead of studying the romance of world-famous love icons, it is better to take the time and effort to study the dynamics of your own romantic relationship . . . and you’ll be more likely to become a true love icon to your own sweetheart in the process!

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