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Take a Break with Your Bridesmaids

Spending a day chilling out with your bridesmaids rather immersed in wedding preparations is an excellent way to bond and to say thank you to the ladies that are giving their time and resources to be part of your big day. Whether you put your feet up or wear yourselves out in the great outdoors, setting aside time to do something fun (and not directly related to your wedding) is a meaningful way to show your bridal party that you appreciate them—and get some needed R & R!1 Carat Art Deco Swirl Engagement Ring, 14K Yellow Gold

As you consider how you’ll spend your day, be sure to keep in mind the kinds of activities that your bridesmaids consider fun and relaxing—just because you’re a fan of vintage engagement rings and could spend hours browsing antique shops doesn’t mean that your bridal party will necessarily enjoy tagging along. If you’re stumped as to what all of your bridesmaids might enjoy, try one of these ideas for a fun day in or out:

Host a spa party. Break out the face masks and foot baths! A day of pampering and relaxation is a fitting way to recognize your special ladies during the stressful days leading up to your wedding.

Hold a movie night. An evening of flicks and snacks is an easy (and very wallet-friendly) way to bond with your bridesmaids and share a few laughs (or tears). Consider focusing on a theme, such as classic romances, or ask each lady to bring a favorite film.

Vintage Art Deco 1/4 Carat Diamond RingGet rubdowns. Just the word “massage” can solicit longing sighs. Just don’t forget to remove your engagement ring before your massage—oils and lotions can easily cause jewelry to lose its luster, particularly intricately detailed pieces such as antique style engagement rings.

Take a day at the beach. If you live within driving distance of the shore, spend a day enjoying the sand and surf (and maybe a few boardwalk fries) together. If the beach is too far away or you’re not a fan of sand in your shorts, try a trip to a nearby lake or other outdoor destination.

Act like tourists. Just about every city or town has attractions that its own residents rarely visit. Try picking a local hotspot or two and spend the day exploring.

See a show. An evening at the theater is a rare treat for many ladies—why not give your bridesmaids a night out they’ll remember by sharing a musical or play with them?

Take a hike. Hikes provide plenty of time to talk and breathtaking views. Plus, hitting the trail is a great stress buster!

Take a dance class. Dancing is a proven smile-inducer and a fun escape from the planning and preparations. Head to your local dance studio or hire an instructor to hold a private session in your home.

Whether you stay in or stay out, taking a day to have fun with your bridesmaids gives you a chance to relax and to create memories that you’ll smile about for years to come. Get your special ladies together and get ready to chill out!

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