Sweepstakes Alert: Win an Opal Heart Ring!

Jewelry sweepstakesAre you looking for a piece of timeless jewelry that makes an unmistakable statement of your love? If so, how you like a shot at getting it for free? A new jewelry sweepstakes from online jewelry retailer Apples of Gold is giving you the opportunity to win a gorgeous opal heart ring that you can give to your one special someone or wear as a symbol of the love that you share.

Opal rings are truly fitting  when you want to celebrate true love! Opal’s iridescent quality allows it to represent the way that your relationship is able to adapt to any situation and make life seem more beautiful no matter what comes your way. In addition, the timelessness of the opal makes it an excellent pick for expressing lasting affection and commitment. This gem has been sought after for thousands of years by cultures spanning the globe, and it has more than proven its ability to outlast any trend.

The Genuine Opal Heart Ring in 14K White Gold that’s being given away in this sweepstakes features two versatile gemstones that work together to create a piece that can give any outfit a touch of class. A 6mm-high, oval-shaped opal sits elegantly in the center of this romantic piece, and is surrounded by a sweeping heart crafted of gleaming 14k white gold. On either side of this heart is a small round diamond, adding glimmer to an already glamorous style. And, the best part is that you could get it for free!

Genuine Opal Heart Ring, 14K White GoldUntil April 29th, you can enter to win this striking style for yourself or for your special someone. You’ll need to connect with Apples of Gold on Facebook to get your first shot at winning; however, if you’re already connected, you can simply head to Apples of Gold’s jewelry sweepstakes page and click “I’m a member” to be entered automatically. However, this isn’t your only opportunity to enter! For instance, you can also join the Apples of Gold Pinterest page and repin up to 10 items a day for additional chances to win; you can also retweet about the sweepstakes to increase your shot at scoring this romantic ring.

If you’d rather not take your chances, but still want to give this ring to your special someone (or add it to your own collection) you can also buy this lovely piece. In addition to the stunning 14K white gold version that’s being offered in Apples of Gold’s sweepstakes, you can also purchase this same style in 14K yellow gold if you’d prefer a ring with a warm glow. At just $199 for either metal, this ring provides a huge dose of glamour and romance at a relatively affordable price. Or, consider one of the other striking pieces of opal jewelry at Applesofgold.com, including a selection of rings, pendants and earrings.

Don’t miss your chance to win a gorgeous opal heart ring! This is the perfect piece for celebrating the love you share and symbolizing that it has many shades of beauty.

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