Sterling Silver Wedding Bands for Women

vintage sterling silver wedding band ringSterling silver wedding bands for women are ideal for anyone looking for a ring that’s easy on their bank account and just as easy on the eyes. These rings seamlessly combine affordability and style without missing a beat.

Often, the price of sterling silver rings will be just a fraction of that of a white gold ring. However, silver wedding bands for women aren’t only popular for their price tag—their style is what sells many women on these rings. Apples of Gold carries a range of sterling silver wedding rings, allowing you to find one that’s just right for you.

Sterling silver’s resemblance to white gold makes it a popular choice for women who like the look of white gold, but want to save money. Although not identical, these two metals closely resemble one another; because of this, sterling silver is an excellent stand-in for white gold.’s collection of silver wedding bands for women are all crafted from .925 sterling silver, the highest quality silver that can be used in jewelry. This silver alloy adds other metals such as zinc to pure silver, which is too soft to be used on its own for jewelry. Pieces made from .925 sterling silver are both strong and last-lasting, making them ideal as rings that will be worn for a lifetime.

Paisley motifs are seen on a number of these bands, giving them a sense of movement and energy through their swirling patterns. Or, consider a ring with a perpetually beautiful Celtic knot design.

silver celtic heart knot wedding band ringIf wedding rings with an extra touch of glamour are just your style, consider a style accented by gemstones such as diamonds or blue topaz. This added sparkle gives a sophisticated quality to several of Apples of Gold’s silver wedding bands for women.
For a sterling silver ring that will never tarnish, be sure to look at argentium silver. This special type of sterling silver is highly resistant to tarnish, as well as brighter, more scratch-resistant and lower maintenance than tradition sterling silver.
Silver jewelry dominates the jewelry boxes of many women and wedding rings crafted from sterling silver coordinate perfectly with these jewelry collections. The cool, shiny look of silver always seems right, no matter what the occasion.
For their affordability and their beauty, silver wedding bands for women are a winning choice. Take a look at Apples of Gold’s collection to find a ring with a style and price that’s perfect for you.

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