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Say Yes to the Ring

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then her engagement ring must be her soulmate (besides her future mate, of course). Therefore, it’s imperative that the ring she’ll rock for the rest of her life be something that is sensible, yet fits her personality and style. Today’s engagement rings are no longer confined to a simple cluster of diamonds attached to a gold band. Look at the left fingers of modern brides-to-be, and you’ll notice a variety of cuts, settings, and stones. So how do you know what ring will make her say “I do”? Check out the latest engagement ring trends that’ll guarantee your proposal gets a yes.

Love Stoned

The traditional, solitaire diamond is a thing of the past. Since “Big” presented Carrie with a black diamond in Sex in the City 2 and Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with his mother’s sapphire engagement ring, colored diamonds and stones have become a major trend among the fashion-forward. Try a ring with the bride-to-be’s birth stone or, if you have the money to spare, make her feel like Heidi Klum with a luxurious canary diamond.

Set It Off

The second most significant aspect of an engagement ring is the setting. Although the stone or diamond is the actual focal point of the engagement ring, the setting is like a singer’s backup vocalistsit pronounces the jewel and makes it the focal point of the ring. Settings such as the double halo or bezel set are more contemporary and give the illusion of a much larger solitaire or flaunt the band. Often you can view a range of settings for engagement rings online to get a sense of the different setting styles and designs.

Making the Cut

Finding the ideal shape, or cut, for the ring’s stone is another important factor in choosing an engagement ring. Not everyone can afford, or desires, a huge diamond, and many of the current engagement ring trends include simple, yet elegant cuts. Some of the most popular cuts are vintage-inspired classics, such as the emerald or cushion cuts. Other traditional cuts like the oval may appear to be simple as a solitaire; however, pairing a conventional cut with a unique setting, such as the east-west setting, can make it more modern. If you’re feeling really adventurous, or your future wife has an unparalleled sense of style, you may want to try an asscher cut, which is a trendy, and affordable, variation of the common princess cut.

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