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Romantic wedding jewelry: pearls, gold, platinum, silver or diamonds?

Do brides really like diamonds best when it comes to their wedding jewelry?  And do grooms prefer simple gold?  Many times, the cliches are in place because they are generally true, and the same goes for wedding jewelry, rings, necklaces and bands.  In our society, a diamond wedding ring is the jewelry most preferred by brides, and grooms tend toward less expensive silver, gold or platinum, minus the precious stones.

But does that mean that there is something wrong with you if your tastes are a bit different, and you prefer wedding jewelry that doesn’t go with the norm?  Of course not!  There are plenty examples of successful, fun weddings that featured beautiful brides and handsome grooms who wore wedding jewelry that was unique and far from cliche.  Whether your tastes in wedding jewelry include pearls or rubies or emeralds or other less common materials, you’ll look great if you stay true to your tastes.

We’ve all heard the stories of the husband and wife who have been married for fifty years and whose wedding rings only cost a few dollars because that’s all they could afford.  You see, regardless of what material your wedding jewelry is fashioned from, it’s your love that will make your marriage successful, not the type of jewelry.

Besides, your relationship and tastes are unique in the world, and you should be true to that individuality when you choose your wedding jewelry.  While there is nothing wrong with wanting an old-fashioned or traditional wedding, that doesn’t mean that every single aspect has to fall in line . . . and that includes your wedding jewelry!  Don’t let other people’s opinions decide what your wedding ring or band will look like.  Instead, let your opinion—and the taste of your fiance—decide what the details of your wedding will entail.

An important question to keep in mind if you do want to be unique, however, is whether or not you and your fiance will have the same style of wedding jewelry.  While there’s no problem with having different style wedding rings, most brides and grooms feel that their jewelry should at least be similar.  And it really isn’t difficult to find a woman’s wedding ring and man’s wedding band that are both unique but that share common characteristics.  Just remember top do your research . . . and remain true to your own tastes!

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