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Romantic Ways to Pop the Question at Christmas

Are you planning a proposal this Christmas? If so, why not take advantage of the traditions of the season and pop the question in a unique way that will give every Christmas to come an extra touch of romance? Try of these proposal ideas to present the ring—and your request—in a way that she’ll recount over and over with a gleam in her eye.3/4 Carat Diamond Circle Ring in 14K White Gold

Write it on a cookie. Christmas cookies are everywhere throughout the month of December, giving you plenty of opportunities to pop the question. Write “Will you marry me?” on a cookie or series of cookies with icing or a food coloring marker and plan to present a very sweet surprise. Or, if you’re not confident in your cookie-decorating skills, tie a note, or even the ring, to one of cookies.

Hang it on the tree. Diamond engagement rings look especially dazzling when surrounded by Christmas lights, making the Christmas tree a perfect location to place the symbol of your proposal. Challenge your girlfriend to find the “special ornament” if she doesn’t see the ring. Or, attach it to an ornament and hand it to her as you’re decorating.

Write it in the snow. A snow-covered lawn provides the perfect canvas for a romantic proposal. Keep it simple by writing “Marry me?” with a stick (be sure to illuminate it if it won’t be seen until evening) or go more elaborate and create your message with candles in the snow.

Disguise it. If you wrap a ring box as is, you’re likely raise suspicion; however, there are plenty of ways to conceal your gift’s true identity. For example, wrap the ring box is a series of larger boxes or place it in a gift bag that’s much too large. You could also wrap the ring inside of another present such as a pair of gloves. (Ask her to try them on if she doesn’t find the ring.)

3/4 Carat Three Stone Princess Cut Use mistletoe. The classic kiss-prompting greenery is a perfect place to hide a ring—just make sure that you hang or hold it low enough so that the ring can be seen. Or, hold a sprig of mistletoe over your own head and, when she comes in for a kiss, get down on one knee.

Pop the question by the fire. Yes, proposing in front of a roaring fire is a cliché, but it’s also a time-honored way to pop the question that’s sure to sweep her off her feet. This traditional means is a romantic and memorable way to present both vintage engagement rings and modern styles.

Light up your proposal. The glow of Christmas lights is already romantic—why not use it to spell out your big question? Try spreading them in the front yard, on the roof or across your mantle to create a glowing message of love.

A Christmas proposal is inherently romantic and when you incorporate a holiday tradition, you give every Christmas you’ll spend together an extra touch of meaning. Try one of these ideas to pop the question in seasonal style!

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