pro-lifeRomance, Love, marriage … Pro-Life?

Absolutely. And why not? Romance, love, and marriage often lead to the next step … the miraculous moment that your first child comes into the world. Being in a committed relationship means taking responsibility for all of your actions, including the unplanned for baby.

Always remember, no matter what they tell you, there isĀ lifeĀ inside. Whether this is an “inconvenient truth” or not does not negate the fact that a live baby, no matter how small, is slowly growing inside of you. And simply and bluntly put, extinguishing that life for any reason is nothing short of murder.

Many will argue that the life inside the womb is not yet life, that it is merely a “clump of cells”. But they could not be further from the truth. In using scientific words to appease their conscience, people often fail to realize that it has been proven scientifically, without any shadow of a doubt, that life begins at the moment of conception. Many can debate the point, but fact is fact – and killing a baby before it has an opportunity to enter this world is not only morally wrong but a grave sin. God is not mocked.

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