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Las Vegas wedding package: married at a drive through chapel?

While some brides and grooms look at their wedding as a solemn event that is best had at a traditional location such as a church, still others are a bit more adventurous and tempted by unconventional marriages such as a Las Vegas wedding at a drive-through chapel.  But before you jump the gun and consider buying a ticket to Las Vegas to say “I do” on the strip, consider a few reasons why it might be better to take some time to think about your wedding some more.

While a Las Vegas wedding package would be fun, is it really something that you want your children knowing that you did for your marriage?  Granted, there are legitimate reasons for wanting to get married in Las Vegas in a quick wedding.  If you must leave and won’t have time to get married later, if your are living in Las Vegas already, or perhaps if you have already been married before and don’t want to do the traditional family thing; all of these are good reasons to have a Las Vegas wedding.

If you really don’t need to get married on the fly, however, you should really chat with your fiance and ask them if it’s wise to go to Las Vegas for a wedding.  Although it takes a little extra time and money, a traditional wedding is really a wonderful experience that a new husband and wife will remember for the rest of their lives.  And you family and friends might not approve of a Las Vegas wedding, because it’s much more satisfying for them to see you and your spouse share your happiest times together.

If you decide that a Las Vegas wedding ceremony is right for you, at least keep an open mind and consider having a proper wedding at a later date in which all of your friends and family members can attend.  At least then your families can get to know each other, see the bride and groom share their vows, and won’t have to buy a ticket for a Las Vegas wedding!

Regardless of whether you decide to choose a fast Las Vegas wedding at a drive-through chapel on the strip, or go the more traditional route of inviting friends and family to a church wedding, remember that the experience is one that will be in your memories for many decades.  Do your wedding right, remain true to your heart, and you won’t fail!

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