JunoPrints.com: Capturing Memories on Canvas

Looking for a meaningful gift or a unique way to decorate your home? Consider turning an original photograph into a one-of-kind work of art at JunoPrints.com!

While many websites sell custom canvases, not all of them are of them same quality; however, JunoPrints puts quality first in a number of ways. First, they give every piece they sell a perfect gallery-grade finish, which means that their canvases are free of bumps, bulges and bubbles. Cleanly wrapped corners create a look that’s fit for a museum, and perfect for your home or the home of someone you love.

Secondly, JunoPrints’ canvases are crafted to last. They’re printed on archival-grade canvas with UV-resistant ink, and are designed to endure for the long haul. They won’t warp and their colors will stay true for a century if they’re properly cared for, giving the images printed on them a sense of timelessness. In addition, each one is wrapped over a high-quality 1¼” frame, for a piece that’s far from flimsy. When you want to preserve a memory for a lifetime, these prints are a wonderful way to go.

As a bonus, when you purchase one of these canvases, you won’t need purchase anything else to hang it. Each one comes with a solid backing and the mounting hardware you’ll need to turn any wall from drab to fabulous.

Available in a range of sizes, from 10″ x 10″ to 32″ x 48″, these custom canvases can be used to give any room—from dorm room to board room—a sense of personality and style. And, with prices starting at just $25, JunoPrints gives anyone looking to decorate their home or office on a budget a valuable tool. Consider using a small canvas to brighten up a tiny office or breakfast nook, placing a large canvas in your living room as a statement piece or combining a number of related prints to form a collage.

Ordering a custom canvas is easy! You can import a picture directly from Instagram or from your computer or phone, and the possibilities are almost endless. From a snapshot of your puppy that makes you smile to a picture of the beach that you took on vacation to a photo from your wedding day, you can capture each memory on canvas. In addition, it’s not too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts for those you love, and a custom canvas from JunoPrints is a personalized present that’s sure to be appreciated much more than another sweater or necktie.

If you’re nervous about ordering a custom canvas online, you can rest assured that if you order from JunoPrints, you won’t be stuck with a print unless you’re fully satisfied. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and will refund 100 percent of the price of your canvas if you’re unhappy with it in any way.

The best thing about JunoPrints may be that it allows just about anyone to express their creative side, turning personal photos into art. You don’t need to be artsy to create a great-looking custom canvas.

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