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How to Write a Love Note (Men)

Although a love note or love letter is something that touches the heart of men and women alike, this post is for the men. We men have a much harder time, generally speaking of course, expressing our affections verbally to the ladies in our lives, and words have an effect on women that is much more powerful than on men. Because our mouths won’t always for the right words and we don’t say the the things they want to hear often enough, knowing how to write a love note well can be something that will help to rejuvenate your relationship and express the things that we think in the back of our manly and sometimes thick heads.

Knowing how to write a love note is not ingrained in most men as a natural skill like it is in women, although traditionally the love note or love letter is a man-to-woman expression, due to the poor verbal talents we sometimes have. “Mmm hmm”, and “yep” are not especially romantic responses, but it’s how we usually respond to things. We are here to give you some guidance on how to write a love note that will hopefully give your relationship a little upward mobility.

First, an effective love note is not a four page letter that goes into excessive details on every aspect of your relationship. You are writing a note, not a business plan. Think of it as a summary instead of a full description. A few effective lines is much more powerful than a page or two.

Make sure that you compliment them specifically on something. One of the most important aspects of learning how to write a love note is being specific without being too specific. In other words, you want to mention something that matters without getting hung up on it and writing too much. For instance, telling her “I can’t tell you in words how special it makes me feel every time you hold my hand when we are out somewhere. I know everyone we pass is looking and thinking how lucky I am, and that is exactly what I think too.” This may not be perfect, but it’s the right idea. Short, sweet, to the point.

Tell them what kind of a difference they make in your life. Let them know that without them you would be incomplete. These things make a difference, and you should feel this way about them if you really love them. Recall a memory that you shared, whether it was a recent private moment or a vacation that was special from years ago. Memories can evoke powerful emotions. Put a date on the top – they may keep it for a long time and go back to read it over and over.

Finally, in learning how to write a love note the closing is all important, just as in any type of writing. You don’t want to spend time telling her how beautiful she is, or how she completes you, or that you can hardly think of what to do next when she isn’t around, just to end with something like “I’ll see you tonight.” Dud. Wasted time. End with something powerful. “My future only exists because you are in it.” That’s not too shabby. “I can’t wait to get my arms around you again.” Pretty good. Make sure you leave her wanting to read more, and being sure of how you feel.

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