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How to Pick the Perfect Piece of Romantic Jewelry

‘Tis the season for jewelry shopping! Valentine’s Day will be here in just two weeks, which means it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to make the day special for the one you love if you don’t already have something in mind. If you’re unsure of how to say “I love you” this Valentine’s Day, consider doing it with jewelry. Rings, pendants and earrings are popular gifts for this holiday for good reason: they’re beautiful, lasting pictures of your affection.

Double Heart Pendant, 14K Yellow Gold

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the vast selection of jewelry that’s available, especially at this time of year. If you’re not sure where to start, try using these tips to help you pick the perfect piece for that special someone.

Consider your budget. Admittedly, thinking about your budget before your shop doesn’t seem like the most romantic consideration, but what’s even less romantic is not being able to pay for a date for months because you spent more that you could afford on a Valentine’s Day gift. If you’re on tight budget this Valentine’s Day, you still have plenty of choices; for example, you could go with a piece that features a semi-precious gemstone, or give a wallet-friendly but always welcome sterling silver pendant.

Try her birthstone. A birthstone is always a good starting point when purchasing jewelry for someone special. By choosing the stone that’s designated for the month of her birthday, you demonstrate that you’re willing to put a bit of thought into your gift. Many types of jewelry, from simple stud earrings to heart pendants to vintage-inspired rings, are adorned with birthstones, giving you an array of options that show that you kept her in mind.

1/2 Carat Blue Diamond Circle Journey PendantKeep her metal of choice in mind. Most women (and many men as well) prefer one metal over the others, and by looking for pieces crafted from this metal of choice, you can significantly narrow down your options. If you’re not sure which metal your special someone gravitates toward, try taking note of her jewelry for a few days—you’re likely to see a common theme.

Think beyond hearts. Although heart-laden designs are arguably the most common way to express love though jewelry, they’re far from the only way. A wide range of motifs can represent love in addition to this classic shape. For instance, Celtic knots have been adopted by many as symbols of eternity due to their continually intertwining nature, and they’re lovely picks when you want to communicate that your love will never come to an end. Diamonds pendants (or diamond jewelry of any kind) use the most enduring of gemstones to represent lasting commitment and affection, and styles such as journey pendants that features stones of graduating sizes represent a love that’s always growing.

Each of these tips can help you pick the perfect piece of romantic jewelry. The most romantic gesture is one that comes straight from the heart and the right pendant, ring or pair of earrings can help you communicate your true feelings.

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