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Gifts that Say “I Love You” with a Personal Touch

One of the best parts about being loved is being known by another person and being fully accepted for who you are and not who you could be.  That’s why gifts with a personal touch are particularly meaningful—they demonstrate that you know the one you love well enough to pick a gift that’s especially for him or her. Personalized gifts also demonstrate that you care enough to think about the gift ahead of time, showing that you value the one who receives it.

ATrio Letter Charm Sterling Silver Bangle personalized gift can be especially meaningful at Christmas, a time when many of us are even busier than usual. A present with a personal touch requires a little extra effort, and the fact that you were willing to put forth this effort during an already hectic time demonstrates your willingness to put the one you love ahead of your to-do list.

Many types of gold jewelry can be personalized, from pendants to bangles. Try pendant that features that name or initials of that special someone or go for a piece with a birthstone for a present with both meaning and colorful sparkle. If the one you love is more of a fan of silver jewelry, you have many options as well. Consider a pendant engraved with both of your names or initials or a bracelet with a message from you stamped on the inside.

Monogramming may have been popular in your grandparent’s era, but it remains a lovely way to create a gift with a personal touch. Think beyond traditional towel sets and look for modern options such as scarves and tablet or smartphone cases.

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Names, initials and birthstones aren’t the only means of personalization. We’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words and when that picture is chosen for its ability to represent your love, it speaks volumes. For example, you could have a favorite snapshot if the two of you turned into a custom canvas to hang on the wall. Or, consider using a photo of a place that’s significant in your relationship.

Personalized Handwritten Wedding Band, 14K Rose GoldA personalized picture frame is a thoughtful and practical gift. Have one engraved with a message of love, and fill it with a picture that reminds you of a particularly happy moment together. Or go for a personalized locket—essentially a picture frame in jewelry form—for a reminder of you that also serves as a beautiful pendant.

I’ve you’re planning a wedding, a wedding band with a personalized touch can serve as an incredibly meaningful symbol of the love and closeness you share. Many wedding rings can be engraved with a date on the inside, providing a reminder of your special day. Or, choose one that’s engraved with a personalized message of love for all to see. You can even buy a ring that’s engraved with your own handwriting!

No matter how you choose to give your Christmas gift a personal touch, it’s sure to mean more to the one who receives it when he or she sees that it’s been made with them in mind.

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