Fine Jewelry Stores: Apples of Gold Sparkles!

fine jewelry storesThere are countless places where you can purchase jewelry, but fine jewelry stores offer several distinct advantages over a discount store or websites that offer everything from necklaces to fishing lures. Fine jewelry stores offer both the highest quality jewelry and exceptional service—a perfect combination to ensure that you’ll get a piece that will shine for years to come and a shopping experience that leaves you both confident that you made the right choice and sure of your value as a customer.

However, a fine jewelry seller doesn’t have to be a brick and mortar store to offer the finest service and selection. Online jewelry retailer Apples if Gold is a prime example. They describe themselves as a “small business with a big heart,” and the individual attention they give to every piece, and every customer, is evident. Their commitment to integrity, reliability and honesty is demonstrated in their jewelry they sell and in their interactions with those who buy it. They don’t cut corners, and it shows.

Like all true fine jewelry stores, Apples of Gold offers pieces that are crafted from only the finest materials. They specialize in fine gold jewelry, wedding bands, diamond jewelry and gemstone rings, and offer a wide selection of personalized pieces and Christian jewelry. Their offerings include not only jewelry staples, but also many pieces that are hard to find, uniquely beautiful or those that offer out-of-the-ordinary charm. With a selection of over 5,000 styles that’s continually growing, Apples of Gold has a piece for every taste, occasion and price range.

However, Apples of Gold is different from most fine jewelry stores in that they’re committed to value pricing. They cut out the middle man, and because of this they’re able to offer their jewelry at an average of 40 percent less than retail prices. However, this doesn’t mean that Apples of Gold’s jewelry is cheap. They choose every piece based on quality, design, craftsmanship and reliability of the designer, manufacturer or wholesaler, as well as value and price.

Another characteristic of fine jewelry stores is customer service policies that give every person that purchases a piece of jewelry peace of mind. For example, Apples of Gold offers a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee for everything they sell, as well as a 45-day return policy. In addition, every item is shipped free of charge.

Apples of Gold exemplifies all the characteristics that distinguish fine jewelry stores from other jewelry retailers. Their dedication to providing the best for their customers makes them a standout.

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