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Does your marriage or romance need a relationship rescue?

Hold on a second, does your relationship really need rescued?  You sometimes hear wives, husbands, boyfriends or girlfriends saying that their marriage or romance needs a “relationship rescue,” as though someone else has the power to save them.  In reality, however, the only person who can truly rescue you relationship . . . is you!

In today’s in-you-face society, we are constantly faced with a media that showcases phony love and relationship doctors who claim to know how to solve your relationship problems and save your romance or marriage. They say they can rescue your relationship, when in reality they are only looking for better ratings.  And the best ratings come from showcasing relationship problems in front of the millions of viewers who want to see romantic couples who have worse relationship problems than they have.  Relationship rescue?  I don’t think so!

If you really need your relationship to be rescued, you should look to yourself and your significant other before looking at anyone who tells you they are your only hope for a relationship rescue.  Every romantic relationship is unique, with very personal and unique memories, events and dynamics.  For anyone else to suggest that they are your only hope to save your marriage or relationship is plain hogwash.

So, does your marriage or romance need a relationship rescue?  It very well may, but before you start looking elsewhere for someone to save it, you have better sit down and ask yourself what your real problems are.  The best relationship rescue always comes from the same people who need rescuing!

P.S. : Congratulations to Brian Wu, the winner of our big contest that ended today!

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