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Beating the Winter Blues Together

The holiday season has past and the winter still seems endless—it’s the perfect recipe for the winter blahs! Many people feel down, depressed or tired at this time of year, and if you’re one of them, you’ve probably seen that when you’re dragging, it tends to impact the one you love most.

Vintage Leaf Green Amethyst Ring in 14K White GoldTrying something new together is a great way to keep things fresh and beat boredom, regardless of whether you’re dealing the winter blues. Whether you tackle an unfamiliar sport or give a unique and unexpected gift such as a green amethyst ring, anything that’s out of the ordinary can shake things up just enough to counteract the blahs and add some excitement to your relationship. Try one of these ideas to brighten up your relationship this winter.

Get active. Few things shake off the winter blahs quite like getting your heart pumping, and when you do it with the one you love, you can not only do your body good but also strengthen your connection. Just about any physical activity can help you blast the blues together; try rock climbing, roller skating or even a walk in the park.

Learn a new skill. Learning something new together gives your brain a workout and gives you an opportunity to help one another and build fun memories. Try to find something that’s unfamiliar to both of you so that you can pick up on a new skills; for instance, you could take a sushi-making class or try your hand at a type of art that you never learned in high school. Or, each of you can teach the other something that you know how to do. Either way, you’ll bust out of a rut, and you’ll likely share a few good laughs.

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Try an unfamiliar food. They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but sharing food can be good for a girl’s heart, too. While sharing food without screens to distract you is always a good way to bond, when you share unfamiliar grub, you can add a bit of zing to your relationship. Try a cuisine you’ve never tried or tackle a new recipe together. Regardless of whether you enjoy the results, your relationship will benefit.

Go out of your way to express your love. No matter how much you love one another, your relationship will eventually lose that “new love” luster. While the benefits of long-term relationships are many, it’s hard to deny that sometimes things get stale. However, by going out of your way to express your love, you can shake things up. Try writing that special someone a poem, stocking the fridge with his or her favorite goodies or giving a present that’s a little out of the ordinary. For example, unique gemstone rings are unexpected, but they leave no question about how you feel.

Don’t let the winter blahs dampen your relationship! Put one—or a few—of these ideas into practice for a brighter relationship and a tighter bond.

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