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Are wedding line dances really appropriate for receptions?

The wedding vows have been exchanged, and now it’s really time to party and celebrate at the reception with your wedding guests . . . but even though you have the perfect wedding DJ and the music is ready, are line dances the right kind of moves you want your attendees to bust on the dance floor?  Is your wedding reception better suited for line dances, or for a more traditional kind of dancing and music?  Well, it all depends on the tastes of the family and friends who attended your wedding!

Many families are fun-loving and enjoy trying new dances and music, and a wedding line dance might be perfect for them at the reception.  If your family and group of friends are the type who enjoy wedding line dances, you’ll know right away.  And you shouldn’t forget one other important fact: that a good, fun line dance could be a great way to get more shy guests to come out of their shells and have a genuinely good time at your wedding reception.

When the drinks start flowing and your guests get more relaxed, even the more reserved people on your invitation list may surprise you by taking part in a fun wedding line dance.  Heck, even Grandpa might cut a rug if the feeling is right!  Try not to be too pushy with your guests if you do decide to have a wedding line dance, however, and if someone wants to sit out, let them watch.  They may change their minds and decide to take part in the wedding line dance after all!

There’s also absolutely nothing wrong with deciding not to have anything to do with wedding line dances, and instead focus on more traditional wedding music and dances at your reception.  As I said, you know the tastes of your family and wedding guests, and if you suspect that a wedding line dance would be inappropriate or make them uncomfortable, then it is probably a good idea to steer clear of it and stick with traditional, tasteful music.

So, what if the groom’s family likes wedding line dances but the bride’s family likes traditional wedding music?  The answer is simple: have a little bit of both!  One of the purposes of a wedding reception is for the two families to get to know each other, and sharing in each other’s favorite dances and music is a great way to become friendly.  Make each family feel comfortable by playing some of their favorite music, but make sure you jump right in when it’s time to do the wedding line dance!

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