5 Reasons to Have Faith in Online Dating

It’s quite often these days that I hear people readily denouncing internet dating as a viable option for meeting one’s soul mate.  Many such denouncements revolve around the inorganic nature of dating websites; people think that in patently seeking love we hinder our chances of finding it in a natural environment.  Below is a list of five further reasons of just why that is.

– Over 40 Million Users

In the United States alone, there are over 40 million users of online dating sites.  The chances of finding a great personal match within that enormous pool is understandably high.

With most sites sorting matches out by a variety of different metrics, including religious values, the chances of finding a similarly devout Christian match is also increased significantly.

– The Internet is used for Everything These Days As social media websites have unequivocally changed the landscape of societal norms over the last two decades, online dating follows a natural trend, and is no more taboo than Facebook or any of the other commonplace social sites.  And if these other social venues are a concern as they relate to how you may be perceived by online dating site users, there are plenty of great companies that one can employ to help you build, or to help you repair your online reputation and get you into the social mix in no time.

– Statistics

Twenty percent of all relationships begin online, with twelve percent of marriages stemming from online dating sites as well.  These numbers have been increasing at pretty unbelievable rates considering the amount of time they’ve been around, and will surely continue to increase in the future.  Why not be one among the growing percentage to find happiness?

– It Doesn’t Take Long to Begin On most sites you can sign up and have a profile ready in just a couple hours or less.  How many countless hours or even days have you spent seeking just one potential relationship-worthy counterpart in the analog world?  With internet dating you have immediate access to millions of potential matches virtually instantly.

– It’s Considerably Cheap and Painless Depending on the site, you can expect to pay roughly $100 – $150 over the course of six months for a membership.  In those months, you not only get the chance to view millions of potential matches, but you also don’t have the added stress of going on blind dates and spending hundreds more for nothing.  You’ll already know things about any dates you choose to meet in person, which will eliminate some of those awkward first-date silences and give you some great conversation points.

Online dating shouldn’t be perceived as an evil enterprise.  Rather, it should be considered as another helpful, and potentially game-changing tool in seeking and finding one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind: true love.

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